Kudos and Kind Words

"I had a great experience with Dr. Koh unlike many stories about orthodontists that I have heard. Dr. Koh was the most down to earth. Despite his recommendations and encouragement to keep my braces on for a few more weeks, he really listened to my request to have them off and obliged. I think his ability to listen and collaborate with patients is a skill most people lack. I think my teeth look great--Thank you for everything!"

-Grace J.

"Our daughter was always squeamish even at the friendliest pediatric dentist in town. But she's particular about her appearance, so she was willing to bite the bullet and latch on to the metal. At our initial consultation with Dr. Koh and his staff, he saw no medical reason to recommend orthodontia, giving us confidence that he didn't enter the consult with any preconceived notions. Nevertheless, our daughter insisted on closing gap in her smile to go from adorable to beautiful. We found the entire process delightful, and of our stylistic teenager, even fun. It could have been drudgery given her propensity for popped rubber bands, missing clips and sometimes elusive retainers ("remember, if it's not in your face, it's in its place.").From the first smile accompanying Carroll's laughter to the last smile we see in our daughter every day, we're convinced we couldn't have made a better choice. We would highly recommend Dr. Koh with no reservations … other than the one you'll need to make with Carroll for your first consultation."

-Don G.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to Dr. Koh, Carroll, Joann and the rest of the dental team for making sure my daughters smiles are something they are proud of. One daughter just needed cosmetic surgery the other daughter, however, needed extensive procedures. Dr. Koh politely explained to my daughters and me what the prodecures consisted of, the duration procedures would take, and the outcome procedures would have. Joann caringly worked with me on a finacial plan. Carroll greeted us with a smile and a laugh every time we came to the clinic. We were treated as valued people rather than just clients. The daughter needing the extensive procedures also needed oral surgery to pull out all four wisdom teeth. I'm on a VERY tight budget! Dr. Koh genreroulsy referred her to an oral surgeon that offered a finacial plan that i could affort!!!! My deepest appreciation to Dr. Koh and his dental team.

-Williams Women

"My experience with Dr. Koh has been a great one. Always friendly and efficient he and his staff have done a wonderful job. From sixth grade when i started orthodontia till now, a sophmore, I never dreaded appointments as they were painless and as fast as possible. Thanks guys, I love my new smile!"

-Sarah H.

"The staff are really nice and are happy to answer all of your questions. They work quickly and efficiently getting the job done in no time."

-Alina O.